Partneriaeth Dysgu Proffesiynol Yr Athrofa

Yr Athrofa Professional Learning Partnership

29th November 2016 08:32am

Mentor Development Event Autumn 16

18th November 2015 09:15am

Mentor Training Video

18th November 2014 03:12pm

Submitting Formative Assessment on the SWWCTE website

31st October 2014 10:11am

Publication of the final Estyn report for SWWCTE

We are all very pleased that the development and progress made in the Centre have been recognised and we are now in a strong position to achieve our aim of being an excellent Centre for ITET in the coming 18-24 months. Once again, thank you for your continued commitment to the partnership and for your hard work with the students that we share in that partnership.

Very best wishes,


Dr Jane Waters

Head of Centre