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29th January 2014 12:09am

The 70-year wait for primary school

There are still 57 million children who never have a first day at school and it will take decades to create places, says Unesco.

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13th January 2014 12:05pm

New Welsh medium publication to support students across Wales with assignments and essays


In the last week, Canolfan Peniarth has published two pocket guide booklets titled Can Canllaw.

The booklets are resources that offer guidance to students and pupils on how to write an essay in Welsh. Quite simply the guidebooks explore the hundred most common mistakes when writing in Welsh. They are convenient and useful guidelines on how to plan, structure and check the content of essays, together with sections showing common mistakes and exercises. Both booklets are suitable for students at GCSE level, in Further Education or Higher Education.

Dr Mererid Hopwood from University of Wales Trinity Saint David was the author of the guides. Originally, both guides were developed to compliment the Academic Skills module that is part of the Cynllun Aur - Going for Gold provision within the Associate Facultyat the University. However, the content is seen as relevant to students who study in Schools, Colleges and Universities across Wales, which is the reason behind professionally publishing both guides.

They are sold for £1.99 each and available to order directly from Canolfan Peniarth’s online website.


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13th January 2014 11:37am

Publishing a new booklet on terms within the additional needs subject area.


Back in December 2013, before Christmas, Canolfan Peniarth published a booklet on terms related to the Additional Needs subject area.

From Apraxia to Gypsey Travellers and Visual Impairment, there is a concise explanation of these terms and many more within the field of Additional Needs within the covers of this book. This is an extremely useful publication for students studying courses in the field of children and young people’s education as well as for newly qualified teachers.

The author, Nanna Ryder, is a lecturer within the South West Wales Centre for Teacher Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Nanna Ryder said, “The aim of the booklet is to provide an introduction to some of the most common terms and phrases used in everyday Additional Needs in our schools. As it is such an extensive field, it would be impossible to include everything, so there are further references to books and websites that would help broaden the understanding of specific areas.”

The book is available to purchase directly from Canolfan Peniarth’s online shop for £9.99.


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13th January 2014 11:10am

Publishing a booklet and DVD on learning in the outdoors, Chwarae Allan - Dysgu Mas.


Following receiving funding from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaetholrecently, Canolfan Peniarth has published a DVD and booklet under the title Chwarae Allan – Dysgu Mas (Play outside – learning outside), for adults that work with young children.

The content of the booklet and DVD offer ideas on how to intensify the learning potential of children in the outdoors as they interact with the natural world. The content also derives from research with younger children in the Foundation Phase in a variety of circumstances, for example, beach, forest, and from the schoolyard.

The authors of this unique resource are Angela Rees and Ann-Marie Gealy who both lecture within the School of Early Childhood at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. This is the third publication that Canolfan Peniarth has worked in partnership with staff from the School of Early Childhood following Y Plentyn Bach; Cyflwyniad i astudiaethau plentyndod cynnar, (The Little Child – An introduction to early childhood studies) and Y Cyfnod Sylfaen 3 – 7 oed, and Y Cyfnod Sylfaen 3 – 7 oed: Athroniaeth, Ymchwil ac Ymarfer, (The Foundation Phase 3 – 7 years: Philosophy, Research and Practice) that were authored by Dr. Sian Wyn Siencyn, the Head of School. All authors have had the opportunity to visit a number of foreign countries recently, namely Denmark, Sweden and Reggio Emilia in Italy where there are a number of examples of good practice in the outdoors. Their experiences have assisted in the investigation for authoring these volumes.

The booklet and DVD are available to purchase directly from Canolfan Peniarth'sonline shop for £12.99.


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